Merrimack Financial

» Philosophy

Our sister company, Merrimack Financial Services, Inc. has been working with Merrimack Valley residents on retirement planning, college planning, investment strategies, reducing debt and maximizing savings since 2002. Our unique approach to protecting assets, increasing income and reducing taxes has made us the most sought after planning firm in our area.

We work with clients to determine their unique needs and have a wide range of products and services available to best fit each individual case. In order to provide for all aspects of financial planning, our dedicated staff works with a professional network of CPA's, attorneys, mortgage brokers, loan officers, etc. Our clients also have access to in house notary public services.

We offer a no cost, no obligation consultation. If you don't have a comprehensive savings and/or retirement plan in place, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the many services Merrimack Financial Services, Inc. has to offer. Please contact Barry Dick today to set up your consultation and start your journey to a future of financial security and peace of mind.

» Charles Schwab

We partner with Charles Schwab to help prepare you for retirement and your future. To get you started with Charles Schwab, please contact Barry Dick. Charles Schwab's website gives you 24/7 access to your account whenever and wherever you need access.

Fee Based Advisory Services offered via First Financial Advisors, LLS, a registered Investement Advisor, 101 East Town Place, Suite 300, St. Augustine, FL 32092 - (904) 264 -3095).